Vasari Corridor Florence

Vasari Corridor Florence - a window on the Renaissance

The Vasari Corridor in Florence, in addition to being an amazing architectural work, it contains amazing works of art and a intriguing story.

This story tells about a time when walking around the city was not so quiet as it may seem today in the eyes of the tourists. Especially if those who walked on the cobblestones were the ruling family of Florence. In fact when Duke Cosimo the first of the Medici commissioned to the famous architect Vasari the construction of a corridor to get from his home (Palazzo Vecchio) to the seat of government (Palazzo Pitti), was thinking about a clever strategy to avoid the angry mob that everyday was booing him while he was crossing the bridge.

In time it acquired an enormous historical and artistic value. It is said that its beauty also struck the hard heart of Adolf Hitler, that spared it from the demolition of Florentine bridges.

Visiting Florence is kind of a time travel, something that very few other cities in the world can match.That is why it is even grater to find the right hotel in the historic center of Florence, so you can be right in the middle of this much history and beauty. Palazzo Vecchietti was owned by the homonymous family (also cited by Dante in the fifteenth canto of Paradise) means that once you enter you can directly open a window on the Renaissance.

When you find yourself having breakfast in the Sala Vespucci, you'll also understand why Florence has been able to remain forever an inspiration for good taste and style.