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Carefree Florence

at the Palazzo Vecchietti boutique hotel

The exquisite service and unique atmosphere of Hotel Palazzo Vecchietti have not changed at all. The hotel may seem a bit different is some details, but our service standards have remained at the highest level.

Today, as in the past, we will do everything we can to give you only the Beauty of a Florentine vacation, blending the art of hospitality with new safety measures.

Treat yourself to that well-deserved and completely relaxing stay, we’ll do the rest.

Intrinsic exclusivity
In the heart of Florence

Our hotel boasts the ideal location from which to tour the many famous churches and museums, to simply relax and shop at the boutiques of renowned international designers. We are in the very heart of the historic center, just a short walk from the cathedral and all the main historical landmarks. All safe and simple!

From the train to check-in

If you travel to Florence by train (the Santa Maria Novella station), you can reach our hotel comfortably on foot in about 10 minutes. No need to get on crowded buses or in taxis, just a pleasurable walk on Florentine streets surrounded by the most majestic monuments.

The privacy of boutique hotel

Palazzo Vecchietti is a boutique hotel: a peaceful intimate hideaway available to only a few exclusive guests. You will never find crowds or noise at our hotel.  

Indipendent guest rooms ad suites

Our guest rooms and suites combine understated elegance with a gentle atmosphere of honest hospitality, they always have.  Spacious and with an accessorized kitchen that includes a Nespresso® machine with coffee pods, the ideal way to enjoy your Florentine stay in complete freedom.

Freedom with a view

All of the guest rooms at Palazzo Vecchietti have large picture windows that can be completely opened to let in as much fresh air as you wish and from which you can look out over the ancient city. Some rooms even boast a private terrace to further enhance your enjoyment.

Breakfast rituals

Breakfast at our hotel has always been an extraordinary experience. It blends the high quality of the basic ingredients with an abundant buffet and exquisite service. The unique atmosphere of our breakfast remains intact, but the manner in which it is served has changed: order whatever you wish from the menu and enjoy it either in the privacy of your room or at a table in the breakfast room.

The order of the day: sanitication

The entire hotel - from the common areas to the guest rooms and anywhere people pass – is cleaned daily with extreme care using certified products. We follow all of the new rules governing hygiene and sanitation, and buttons, knobs and surfaces that are frequently touched are sanitized all throughout the day.

Safe front service

A panel of Plexiglas graces the reception desk in the foyer to make sure contact between staff and guests is clear and safe. We have also redesigned check-in and check-out procedures to make them quick and easy, thus reducing the amount of time you spend at reception. For your protection, all the keys are thoroughly cleaned with every check-out, so you will get a completely sanitized key when you check in.

Hand sanitizers

There are stands in all public areas equipped with disinfectant gel to be used by guests and staff alike. Hygiene and safety made simple.

Hygiene and protection in the guest rooms

All of our guest rooms and suites are carefully cleaned daily: the furniture and all surfaces sanitized with professional products, and we pay particular attention to the knobs and buttons most frequently touched. For an even more profound cleansing of the rooms, we make use of a germ-killing UV-C lamp with ozone. We pay the same attention to the air conditioning vents, cleaning the filters in keeping with the new regulations. For hygienic reasons, most of the information usually printed on paper in guest rooms has been replaced with QR codes to provide the service without having to touch anything.

Guests and staff, our complete attention

The wellness of our staff and guests is of the utmost importance to us, which is why we provide those who work with us all of the required personal protection equipment necessary to stay well: mask, disposable gloves and hand sanitizer.

Staff: health and training

Every member of the staff at the Palazzo Vecchietti undergoes regular health checks by specialized physicians. We make sure they, and the guests, are healthy as they enter the premises by checking body temperature.  But we go further: we train each of our employees in health safety regulations and the proper management of eventual emergencies.

Simple rules of prevention

Prevention begins with you: by following a few simple rules we can increase our levels of safety. Remember to wear your mask correctly every time you go into public areas, sanitize your hands frequently at any of the hand gel stations located all over the hotel, and stay 4 feet away from other guests and hotel staff. Use the bathroom in your guest room rather than the public bathroom on the main floor, settle your bill with a credit card rather than cash and if your body temperature exceeds 99.5°F (or 37.5°C), inform any member of staff, then stay in your room and await instructions.