The Boboli Garden

Since 1550 the Boboli Garden is one of the most representative gardens in Italy and is easily reachable from our hotel. From Palazzo Pitti it extends in a triangular shape until Forte Belvedere granting a beautiful view over Florence.

It is devided in wide grass open spaces and shrubby areas constituted by typical Tuscan plants and trees.

This small paradise has many attractions in store for the visitors. Inside you can find many antique statues, a16th century obelisque and a beautiful amphitheater. The knight garden (il "Giardino del Cavaliere") used to host a brothel and was personally requested by Leopoldo de'Medici to have some aloof moments from his political duties.

Worthy of mentioning is also the Kaffeehaus, a cosy 17th century structure where local noble families used to meet for coffee or tea in a fashion of that period. The Kaffeehaus is built in a Rococo style, with three levels and a dome under which now you can find a nice bar and some original frescos.