Teatro Verdi Florence

Teatro Verdi Florence

The Teatro Verdi of Florence is one of the most important and old theaters in the city, and since its construction constitutes a meeting point for art and entertainment lovers who want to spend a cultural weekend.

The theater was opened in the 19th century thans to the will of Girolamo Pagliano, a former baritone who decided that art should become his life, and therefore is strongly opera oriented.

During the years after the theater, however, became also a hub for the political and civic life in Florence, when, under the leadership of its founder, it hosted parties and initiatives in support of the expedition of Garibaldi's Thousand and celebrations for the unification of Italy.

Today it houses shows of different kinds, ranging from classical to contemporary music, classical and modern dance, operetta, drama, musical and variety. There are 806 seats available in the stalls, and a total of 1513 seats, in a really fascinating historical and charming environment.

Teatro Verdi is not far from our hotel. Wear your best clothes and enjoy an elegant evening at the theater!

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