A World Apart

Michelangelo, Masaccio, Brunelleschi, Cimabue, Botticelli, Dante Alighieri: each of the Deluxe rooms of Palazzo Vecchietti renders homage to one of the many world-famous figures of Florentine culture. We love the idea that you can awake in the morning with the feeling of being part of our history.

Each Deluxe, in itself, is a world apart: tapestries in lavender, plum-coloring and intense, soothing blues surround you. These colors induce pleasant dreams and put you in a good mood. Then there are the wardrobes in which you might get lost! Bookshelves stocked with volumes you can enjoy reading while relaxing on a sofa. Velvety cushions to clench as you watch television. Large bathrooms with showers that sprinkle you as if it were raining. Lovely fragrances to accompany you after your refreshing bath.

You will think you are at home. Yet our Deluxe rooms are very much more than a home for you!