Palazzo Pitti Florence

Palazzo Pitti Florence, many museums in one

Ten minutes walk from our luxury hotel in the center of Florence, you can find Palazzo Pitti. Since it is located on the other side of the Arno you can take the opportunity for a walk on the Ponte Vecchio, which crosses the city river.

The palace was once the sumptuous residence of the Medici family, who ruled Florence for a long time, now Pitti Palace is an impressive museum complex, with 3 different exhibitions that will shed some light on the secrets of the sixteenth-century world and beyond: Palatine Gallery, the Gallery of Modern Art, and the Museo degli Argenti and Porcelain.

Next to the Royal Apartments, which tell the history of Florence from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century, the Palatine Gallery give shelter to precious paintings made by important authors such as Raphael, Titian, Correggio, that date back to different eras, from the fifteenth to the seventeenth century. Fun fact: the works of art are not arranged in a chronological or stylistic order but in the same position decided by the lords of the palace.

On the ground floor and the mezzanine you can visit the Silver Museum that houses precious artefacts realized for the Medici, and the Porcelain Gallery, which includes porcelain services used by the Grand Dukes.
Just like a very unique puzzle, Pitti Palace is composed of several museums and galleries, the theme of which is mainly linked to the history of the Medici, and you can visit them all with a single ticket.

Don't forget to stop at Boboli Gardens, the most important garden in Florence for both amplitude and artistic value. In fact, while strolling in this beatiful surroundings, you can enjoy amazing Renaissance works, such as fountains, statues and architecture created by great artists. Among these the Grotta del Buontalenti, and the Statue of Abundance Giambologna.