Palatina Gallery & Museum of Modern Art

The Palatina Gallery and the Museum of Modern Art both can be found inside the majestic Palazzo Pitti that was the residence of the Grand Dukes of Tuscany, of the Medici Family, the Lorena Family and later of the King of Italy when Florence was Italy's capital for a short period. It was the Lorena family that decided to make the Palatina collection open to the public.

Mainly composed by italian paintings of the 16th century and the Renaissance like Raffaello, Caravaggio, Tiziano, Rubens, the Palatina collection lies in a beautifully decorated hall assuring to the visitor a beautiful and charming experience. The paintings, which are sumptuously framed, cover the walls of the rooms in the style of traditional 17th-century picture galleries. The way they are hung and the rich plaster and fresco decoration of the suite of six rooms overlooking the piazza give the Gallery its particular fascination. From the Palatine Gallery the visit continues through the Royal Apartments.

The Museum of Modern Art has a large collection of works that date to the late 19th century, early 20th,  including those by artists of the Macchiaioli movement and other modern Italian schools. The movement was led by Giovanni Fattori who was an early pioneer and founder of the impressionist movement.

Info: Tuesday to Sunday: 8.15 AM - 6,50 PM. Closed Mondays, New Year’s Day, May 1st, Christmas Day. Tickets for both museums are: full Price- € 8,50 Reduced - € 4,25