Florence Theatres

Florence is an open air museum but it is also alive and full of cultural activities. We would expect no less from Florence.
There are several theatres that have different specializaitions. It is common to find a small theatre while wandering through the streets of the city where one can assist to a traditional play with the old Florentine accent, the "vernacolo".
The most important theatres in town are:

Teatro della Pergola. The Pergola Theatre is a historic opera house in Florence, Italy. It is located in the centre of the city on the Via della Pergola and it was built in 1656 with superposed tiers of boxes rather than raked semi-circular seating in the Roman fashion, so it is considered to be the oldest in Italy, having occupied the same site for more than 350 years. It stages classic and modern plays.

Florence Opera House. The project for the new Opera di Firenze (in the picture) was realised to be the new headquarter of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, the traditional Florentine orchestra. The cavea is able to contain more than 2,000 spectators. It is positioned on the theatre’s roof, an integration and conclusion of the extended system of squares, terraces and lookouts. The large hall of 1,800 seats is contained inside an inclined stereo-metric space, intergrated within the inclined ascending floor. The concert halls of the Opera House are known to be amongst the best of the halls in terms of acustics.

Teatro Verdi Built in the 19th century is more modern in respect to the others. It stages different kind of shows, from musicals to ballet, and from stand-up comedy to classical theatre.