Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore

The Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore is better known with the name "il Duomo", and for the locals is the symbol of Florence and one of the most photographed monument of the town. Its construction  begun in 1296 following a Gothic fashion with the design of Arnolfo di Cambio and completed structurally in 1436 with the dome engineered by Filippo Brunelleschi. The exterior of the basilica is faced with polychrome marble panels in various shades of green and pink bordered by white and has an elaborate 19th-century Gothic Revival façade by Emilio De Fabris.

The Cupola has always been a benchmark in the history of art, almost a turning point between the past and the future of modern architecture. Its designer, Filippo Brunelleschi, who had the duty to perfectly plan all the details of such enormous work of art on paper before actually building it, was able to bend the laws of physics to build the dome that now stands completely stable guarding Florence. Even Leon Battista Alberti, while looking at it with wonderment, said "This cupola can cover all the people of Tuscany!"

Inside of the cathedral you can admire the spectacular frescos that cover almost completely its walls, painted by Giorgio Vasari and Federico Zuccari in 7 years of work, from 1572 to 1579.

To reach it from Palazzo Vecchietti just cross Piazza della Repubblica and turn left in Via Roma and you will be face to face with this magnificient monument. Or just ask at the counter, we will be happy to help you discover Florence.