Roof Deluxe

Right upon the roofs of Florence

As soon as you enter the Roof Deluxe Machiavelli, you will have the impression of being in a small-scale private residence. Savor the perfumed sheets of the large matrimonial bed, stretch out on the sofa, then prepare something delicious in your well-equipped kitchen. An aperitif for two, an elegant dinner. Or just a sandwich for the family.

And then you won't know what awaits you when you take the stone stairway to the top. Once there, open the door and you will find yourself on a private terrace suspended on the rooftops of Florence. Inhale the fragrances of the lemon plants. Look at Palazzo Strozzi just a puff away. Sit at the wrought-iron table with a stupendous view of Florence.

There is no better way to begin your Florentine adventure!