Penthouse Suite

A privileged panorama

In the Penthouse Suite daylight invades the large spaces, filters the atmosphere creating a veneer of warmth that gives the sensation of being draped in gold. The dark blue tapestry offers a pleasant contrast both pleasing to the eyes and the touch.

Hidden from sight, you will find a kitchen decorated with precious Portuguese stone. This is a little culinary oasis where you might experiment with the local recipes that our staff will be happy to share with you. If you wish to relax, there is a vast gamma of things to do. There is the grand hall with velvety sofas and the bathrooms—one of which offers Turkish baths.

And to amaze you even more, there is the private terrace.This splendid patio offers a unique panorama upon the roofs and churches of Florence. Florence is right in front of you. Right below you! So magnificent as you have never seen it before. Only for you!