Fragile treasures of the princes. The streets of the porcelain between Vienna and Florence

Events in Florence: from November 13, 2018 to March 10, 2019

The Lorraine Grand Duchy, who succeeded the last Medici, distinguished itself in Florence for a new and refined orientation in art. At the center of the trend inaugurated by the Austrian family, there was the celebration of porcelain, which is the subject of the exhibition Fragile treasures of the princes. The porcelain streets between Vienna and Florence, hosted at Palazzo Pitti from November 13th to March 10th 2019.

The Fiorino Hall, fulcrum of the Medici Palace, boosts an interesting dialogue between arts and habits. A starting point for the comparison is a material that has always been appreciated by wealthy and noble families: porcelain. The Grand Duchy of Lorraine, indeed, brought the great passion for porcelain in Florence, through the figure of Marchese Carlo Ginori, dispatched to Vienna and fascinated there by the fragile production of a local factory. Back in Florence, he founded his manufacture in 1737, following the example of the Austrian one. The exhibition set up in Palazzo Pitti, aiming at illustrating the new trend in art and culture by Carlo Ginori, consists of works lent thanks to international collaborations with partners of the museum. The main themes - in porcelains, sculptures, tapestries, waxes, crystals and ivories - are the passion for the exotic, the exploration of nature and the interest in antiquity, all typical of eighteenth-century culture around Europe.


  • Where: Palazzo Pitti, Fiorino Hall
  • Opening hours: from Tuesday to Sunday from 8.15 a.m. to 6.50 p.m. 
  • Information: +39 055 294883


Fragile treasures of the principles. The streets of the porcelain between Vienna and Florence at Palazzo Pitti Recommended by: Palazzo Vecchietti